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Plant Based Food, Smoothies, Juices, Events And Experiences.




 Our company is committed to plant-based wellness.

We are constantly innovating our products by taking care of nature and our planet by using recyclable, biodegradable packaging. 

We also choose all our ingredients in an ethical and kind manner.


We provide Plant-Based catering for events, food, and educational experiences.

 Our mission is to encourage wellness naturally.

"Treat nature kindly and nature will protect you, feed you and heal you". Silvia K. Thomas.


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We offer

Plant Based Food

We have a range of plant based food in offer, from basic lunch needs to main meals for especial ocassions. We deliver locally. 

Please contact us for more informtion via our contact form.


We have our amazing smoothie bikes, one junior bike, and one for adults, these bikes are a great way to have carbon-free events which the planet will be grateful for. 

Please contact us for packages and to discuss specific requirements.


We want to take you down a lovely Plant-Based journey, where we get in touch with nature, try the most delicious food and get to know great minds with similar aims. 

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