I love my next subject, plants, herbs and specially weeds. I normally have so much to say that I get overly excited.


As I said this is probably my favourite subject, I keep hearing sustainability, sustainable, the future of food, well, the future is not far and we keep ignoring it and destroying it. 


There are many weeds that I love and consume, one of them is “ Taraxacum”, its official name and the name used in South America, this is actually the common name in that part of the planet and it is well known as  “Dandelion “ to us. 


I heard countless stories about people complaining about them as a hazard to their pristine lawns, well, this hardy weed is amazing, not only balanced your soil, it is also edible and medicinal. In parts of Europe, dandelion was used in remedies for fever, boils, eye problems, diabetes, and diarrhoea. In South America it is used for liver, detoxification and kidney issues.


Some people wonder, what does it taste like? Well, if you are spending lots of money buying rocket, this weed is much milder, although a tiny bit bitter. You can eat the leaves the flowers and make tea with the roots and leaves. They are vital for the pollinators and also for us as a specie.


In my picture you will see a few of them that I harvested and regardless of being out of the soil and in water, they are still thriving.


I know you might think that I lost it, but I do have areas for them in my garden and also areas for my beloved nettle, which will be my next subject.


I can write more, but I believe that if you are really Interested in this subject you will ask or do your own research.