On my previou blog I promised to write about Haemochromatosis, one of the ten thousand genetic disorders known(approximately).


Since having children and especially Sebbi, I became obsessed with their health and at all indications of illness or disease, I immediately was researching and giving a very close look at it, literately. 


At one point of our lives, my partner and I enjoyed a few drinks, plus were meat eaters, not very active and suddenly I noticed a change in his behaviour, he became a very tired looking man with a funny colour of skin.


I encouraged my partner to seek medical help, and after many consultations they sent him off for a full blood count, immediately they discovered that his ferritin was nearly one thousand percent over the normal limit, and soon after he was sent for a venesection.


He was then diagnosed with Haemochromatosis, which has different mutations and in some cases is hereditary (primary) . 

In my ignorance I thought that iron was always positive, but this rare disease makes your body absorb extra iron, the excess of this can damage main organs, therefore one of the main checks after diagnosis is to examine your liver. 



This condition has made us even more aware of how excesses in our bodies can cause disease as iron for example can affect many areas of our body if not controlled. We have at home a book that gives us a guidance regarding which food to avoid, the main ones are meat and alcohol that if consumed without control can increase your iron to danger levels whether you have Haemochromatosis  or not.

The other important fact that we learned is how milk and dairy in general reduces the iron in your body. All is very interesting and it makes us more aware of how a healthy diet can help in prevention and cure of some imbalances in our bodies.


Guy now needs regular blood checks to make sure that his iron levels are within a normal range.


in the past I decided to donate blood but I had to stop it as I became anaemic, blood donation was a good indicator of how my overall health was, apart of the fantastic opportunity to help those in need of my blood. I encouraged my girls to do it for both reasons as well, for checking your health and also for doing something amazing for others.


I then started to investigate herbs and natural foods to improve my iron intake and discovered nettle, for some reason our bodies love herbs and plants in general, so no matter how much we tried to balance our bodies with tablets, herbs and foods seems to absorb better into us. Anyway, this is another long subject that deserves a blog on its own.